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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

        Happy Memorial Day, thanks to all of the people who have serviced our country.
 Well it has been quite a week for us. We had a offer come to us on the house on Monday. It surprised us as we had one very interested lady that had viewed the house a couple times and was trying to complete finance details. Well we had a showing with someone on Monday from 3-4 and a offer by 5. Can't believe someone only looks at it once and does that.
   On Thursday we had the house inspection. I was a bit worried how that might go. When you live in a place as long as we have(28 yr.) you just never know what they might find. As I thought about it the only inspection before we moved in was with Wendy's dad.
  We viewed the 44 page report and there were probably a dozen items recommended for repair. I was a bit freaking out figuring this was going to cost us alot of time and money. On Friday the realtor said the buyers are only requiring 2 things fixed. The chimney needs some brick and tuck work and skylights need to be reflashed. We couldn't believe it but we are super happy.
  The offer came in at 5,000 less than listed which was probably as best we could have hoped for. As it was we were almost to the point of lowering the price to refreshen it on the market.
   So now the race begins, we close July 2, on a Monday. We are also camping that weekend so we have to be out by June 29. We are going to have the busiest month of our lives. We have a wedding on one Sat. and a grandson(Alex) graduation, party another weekend.
 We need to get items ready and have a rummage sale one weekend. With a few trips to goodwill.
  So after camping at Ottowa State Park for the 4th we will move to Country View campground just outside of Mukwonago. We will call that home til October when we will head out to really begin the life we have been planning for so long.

Big, heavy box TV gone

We now have a 12" Tv in the house.

Pictures up. Really like the sticky frames.

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  1. Wow, things are moving fast for you two! Terrific!