Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Monday, May 21, 2012

A great finish after a great weekend !

 This past weekend we had our Excel of WI Spring outing. We took Friday. off and headed to Eagle River (5 1/2 hr drive). We didn't leave until 2:00 on Thur. so it was almost 8 when we arrived. We set up and then walked around to see who came up early. Almost all the couples in our club are retired except for us and one other lady. Counted 11 rigs and no one around. They all had gone out to eat.
  Friday morning we talked the other members. Only one other couple would be coming. So we had 13 rigs. Some of the guys went golfing and some of the ladies went shopping. Others went off to town.
 We headed northwest to Star Lake for a hike. There was a nice 2.5 mile trail that went along the lake. It was a beautiful 80 degree day with a nice breeze. We saw a couple of loons on the lake. The water was so clear and inviting. So when we found a nice sandy spot we had to put our feet in. We didn't see anyone until the end of the trail

  At 5:00 we  headed out for a fish fry at the VFW. When we came back it was time for a campfire and more catching up.
  Saturday morning we all enjoyed biscuits and gravy for breakfast. After breakfast was our meeting.  Our wagon masters had a boat ride planned for us. By noon we loaded up 3 pontoon boats.  The weather was 86 degrees (a record high) and a bit breezy. A couple of times a boat had to circle around to fish someones hat out of the water. We traveled through a few of the chain of lakes. saw 3 eagles flying around and also a nest. Once in awhile you could see a head pop up in the nest. We were on the water for about 3 hours. I think we got our summer tans started.

  We had a great spaghetti dinner and then watched "The Long, Long Trailer" with Lucile Ball. After the movie, we enjoyed cake and ice cream. It was for Jerry & Dori's 50th anniversary.
  Sunday moring we had muffins for breakfast. Everyone brought 6 each so we had a varity. Everyone packed up and headed out. Half way home we dropped our camper at my parents. We will be headed up there on Friday for the weekend.
   Well today we had a showing of the house from 3-4. Drumroll----- Before 5:00 we had a offer to purchase! Went over the contract and signed it. If all goes well, we'll be houseless July 2. Fulltime here we come ready or not : ).


  1. Congratulations on the offer!! Keeping our fingers crossed for a quick closing :)

  2. I know this is an older post, but I have just started to go back and read your blog from the beginning (I love your blog!).

    My question is this: "How scary is it to actually give up your house and know you have only your camper to live in?" Yes, this is our dream too but letting go of a house we have lived in since 1981 is a tough one. How do I come to grips with that?