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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers Day/ Bday

  Well, another great weekend has passed. Wendy had went to paint a bathroom at her moms house. Wendy and her sisters have been helping their mom declutter and clean. It was a nice thing to do and gave her a nice visit also.
  I on the other hand went fishing. Well it was my birthday weekend and Wendy was nice letting me go.
  I picked up grandson Noah and we spent the weekend with brother in law Sonny. We headed out early Saturday for our favorite fishin hole near Lodi. We had fished this lake many times in spring and would do well catching crappies or bluegills. This time we got on the gills and were lucky getting our 75 limit in 3+ hrs.
 They were not to bad size.  
 Sonny also was reeling in a 7 lb. carp, a nice bass( Noah did a super job netting as it fell off the hook at the boat).  Sonny's real prize was a little bullhead(he hates them).

  We called it a early day on Sunday- fishin til 10 so we could go back and spend some time with the moms on Mothers Day. Wendy had finished up and drove down for lunch with us. The weather was gorgeous, we thank Patsy and Sonny for their great hospitality and making it a super birthday weekend. Plus nothing better than getting a chance to fish with one of my grandsons.

 This weekend will find us travelin to Eagle River, Wi. to spend with our Excel camping club. We are taking off Fri. and Mon. so looking forward to that.

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