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Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend at Bong

  Had a very nice weekend camping with 3 of our grandkids. We had a short 20 mi. drive to camp at Bong State Park. We really like this park, it has a small lake for fishing and beach when it gets warmer.
 There are also many good hiking trails to choose from. There are quite a few geocaches also around the park.
 This weekend was mainly about fishing- it was the opening weekend of fishing and Noah loves to fish. We usually fish off the pier or off shore. We caught a few small bass, bluegill and one small northern. Noah also fished a urban pond and caught a couple nice trout. Nothing great , but at least not skunked.

We had a couple nice campfires and enjoyed our first smores of the year :). We also made monkey bread on Sat. We used a small dutch oven and cut our normal recipe in half- turned out great- yum!

Here are the boys at the playground.

Noah, Lukas, & Isaiah
On Sunday storms were moving in so we got packed and on the way home before some serious rain hit.   

                                                  Overall a great weekend !!


  1. I am so glad I found your blog. I follow several other fulltimers and I feel like I'm traveling right along with them! I appreciate those of you who will post your adventures for those of us who are not able to live the dream!! Thank you so much for sharing!!
    Donna Daniel nana.donnad@yahoo.com

    1. Thanks for coming along. Hopfully we'll be out on the road in Oct. and have more adventures. I follow several blogs also. They give me ideas of places to see.