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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Only 5 days til we close on the house sale.

  Things are moving along nicely. Wendy has probably made a hundred trips to the camper getting it all arranged. I have the outside storage areas and I will admit the easier job.
  We received our air card (Verizon) and a router in the mail. Had a little trouble setting it up, but between Wendy, customer service, and me pushing buttons we got it.
  We have our South Dakota mailing address all set. We have a vacation to N. Dakota planned in August. We will hit S. Dakota on the way home to complete residency. All that's needed is get a S. Dakota driver licence and register the camper and truck.
 We have already set insurance policies in place when needed.
 Some have asked how we know to do all that stuff. We have thought about fulltime camping for more than 15 yrs. We attended a Life on Wheels seminar in 2007. It was 3 days of classes covering topics such as choosing a home state, working on the road, and insurance. The death of the founding father of L.O.W. and the economy ended this in about 2009.
  The internet is also a big part. Wendy loves reading blogs of other fulltimers. I tend to read the different forums,( Escapees, RV.NET, and iRV2).
 One thing it is a different life for everyone. Budgets and RV selection are all over the board. What works for you may not for others.

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