Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Friday, June 1, 2012

Countdown to closing.

Hello all,  to up date the house sale is moving along its course. We had the appraiser do his thing, should be no problem there.
  We have 2 items that we need to take care of. One is chimney repair- got one quote so far. they gave us two choices. One a complete rebuild and the other applying stucco. I reviewed with the realtor and she said the stucco would have to be okayed with the buyer. She suggested we talk to a Randy from R&R Chimney- I surprised her and said he gave us the quote. They of course recommend the rebuild- a nice $1000 more. Oh dang.
  The other repair is flashing 2 skylights windows. Thought that would be the easy part as we had a guy in mind to call. Well 2 no shows the past 2 nights. Another guy to look at it on Sunday.
 We made a trip to goodwill and have been pricing stuff for the rummage sale. That will be June 15-16th.
     Not much time to waste- 31 days til closing.

   Here are some pics of projects to get the camper ready for full timing.

This added to make it easy to maintain water level in batteries.  The sliding tray had not worked and they did not pull out far enough to see water in cells.

Added a small dorm fridge for refreshments. I told Wendy I was going to put a Packer sticker on it and call it my man cave-hahaha- She asked if there was room there to put me in it. ouch!



  1. Hello from your fellow Excel-ers. We're back from Door Co, missed you guys but know how busy you must be now. We were all wondering about you so thought I'd check your blog. We picked up another member from Illinois while we were there. Fall outing will be in Wis Dells, see you then. Roy & Deb

    1. Good to hear of the newbie. We look forward to the dells-
      thx for checking in & commenting.