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Friday, June 8, 2012

What a week!

  Things are moving so fast. We had the skylights repaired ( what little fix needed to be done) and the chimney work will start on Tue. We applied for a change of address through Alternative Resources in Sioux Falls SD. The closing has been moved up from July 2 to June 29. We were planning to be out on the 29 because we have campground reservations.
  Working on setting up garage sale for next Fri. and Sat. Then we'll have almost 2 weeks to get everything settled in the camper after that. Things should slow down then.
    I found a old anniversary card Ray gave me (I saved alot of stuff) and taped it to the fridge.
 many years from now,
 we'll look back on this crazy time
 in our life together
 and wonder how we did it all...
and then, those ordinary, everyday moments
 that we often take for granted
 will shimmer like stars
 as we recount them...
 I'll sit close beside you,
 you'll take my hand in yours.
 We'll look at each other and say :
 "I'd do it all again...
and I wouldn't change a thing.

  We'll have a busy weekend with our grandson Alex graduating High School on Sat. and a party on Sun.


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  1. What a nice sentiment on the card :) Alternative Resources is our pick too. Everyone says how great they are. Time is flying by for you guys!