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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rummage done-13days til closing

Well, we had the big two day rummage to get rid of anything  the kids hadn't claimed. It started slow but later was a nice steady stream of customers.
 By the end of the first day we were condensing tables to keep it looking full. We had sold a lot of stuff by days end.
 On Saturday with the tables of small stuff running down we needed to push the big items.
  We had a bedroom set, dining set, freezer, washer and dryer and desk to lose.
  By Sat. afternoon we only had the washer/ dryer and small items remaining. We did get a low offer on the washer/dryer that we can call if nothing better comes up.
 We called it early and packed up the last stuff for a ride to Goodwill.
  We think we did pretty good and are very glad its done.
 One good part was the person who bought the dining set won't pick it up til next Monday, so we have a table and chairs til 3 days before close.
   The big question every asks is where are we going first.
   We plan to work til Oct 1. Then we will drive east to visit my brother Corey and his family st Silver Springs, Maryland. After that a slow trek through Shenandoah National Park we will head towards our daughters place in Statesville N.C. We have a trip planned with her to Jekyll Island for Thanksgiving week.
  We will spend X-mas at her place then trek down to Alabama near Gulf Shores for a time. We want to spend some early spring enjoying some Mardi gras activities-wink,wink.
   As I am prodding Wendy for details, she says to remember our plans are to be written in Jello(try writing in jello)- All subject to change. We want to keep daily drive distance down and stay for more or less time in a given area as we feel. That's the whole idea.
  So if you want to know our plans, please follow along. We appreciate the followers and comments that you leave.

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  1. Wow, almost time to go!! Good for you guys getting everything done. I bet you are excited :)