Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Friday, February 1, 2013


   Woo hoo today is Wendy's birthday. I told her she is only 1 in fulltimer years.
 We have been saving a dinner at Lambert's for the occasion. If you never heard of Lambert's it is the home of throwed rolls (literally) and one of the top 10 pig out places according to one of the food shows. They serve southern comfort food.

 We did our month end budget and were happy to see we were $700 under budget. It show that staying in one place makes a big difference. We got a good camping rate ($95./wk) + elec. which was a little under $2.00 a day.
 We did  go a bit over on dining out but that balanced well with under budget on groceries.
 Before we went fulltime we tracked all our spending, this is what we based our fulltime budget on. Most people say you don't change habits when you retire or go fulltime. If you eat out alot you will still. So tracking your spending is a good exercise and can be a real eye opener.
  We don't yet have a real extensive history for our spending as we left in the middle of Oct. and we stayed at our daughters house during the Thanksgiving/xmas holidays. So spending during that time would not be as a fulltimer.
 If anyone is researching the fulltimer life or is interested I can email a copy of our budget ---But remember we are all different and what we spend may not be what you would.
  This past week we got in two nice days at the beach with great weather in the mid 70s. It has returned back to the 60 norms now.

 We plan to do a Mardi Gras parade on Saturday.
 We have started to look and plan our next moves. We have a reservation in at Betty's RV Park near Lafayette La. We will do some exploring of Louisiana and get in some good cajun fare and hope to hear some zydeco music.
 We will then trek to New Mexico and check out Carlsbad Caverns area. But, plans could change.


  1. Happy birthday, Wendy. You look like you're enjoying your time on the beach. Have fun at dinner!

  2. Happy birthday! We almost share the same day. Our budget is definitely better sitting.
    You will love Betty's!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! We miss you Wendy!