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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hail no!

Hi all,
Things are starting to run a little smoother here at the campground. We gave our supervisor an idea for printing a reminder to our guest when they're departure is. You would think people know when they made the reservation but a few forget. The system in most campgrounds have a posted departure on your site. Our new system thinks that is not needed.  Now on the last day we can give them a friendly reminder. So far it has been a success.
 The majority of our job here is to visit with the guest each night. I know that sounds rough. ). We usually find out what they did for the day and what the plans are for their time here. Maybe we can be helpful with a suggestion. We get into some nice conversations with  people and have a hard time getting a full round in. Some people really like to talk .)
Music in the Tatanka theater
  Monday we had the excitement of a good hail storm. Luckily we were in the campground and had some warning. I drove the truck under a large oak tree across the road. Wendy sat in the camper and listened to the dinks and thuds on the rv. Some of the hail was close to golf ball size. The truck survived but one vent on the camper took a good hit. This vent had a small crack in it and shows a piece of eternabond tape. It also took out the screen piece below. Another camper had lost a tail light and a couple steel sided rv's took a beating.

  Tuesday we used another VIP pass and attended The Grand Magic Show in Custer. It is definitely tuned to good family fun. We think our younger grandsons would enjoy it.

                      These are a few of the buffalo statues that reside in Custer.

  Today we are planning a dutch oven potluck with two of the other workamper couples. Tim and Renee from California are hosting at Stockade South campground and only signed on til the end of June. John and Cathy from Florida are cabin cleaners and are working the full season. More of the nice people we get to meet.
Tim & Renee


  1. We were out on the bike with another couple when the storm hit you guys. We could see it from Hot Springs and it looked pretty bad. Glad your damage was not too severe.

  2. Good thing you didn't get any more damage than you did. Good thinking parking under a tree.