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Monday, June 10, 2013

Soooo many things to do

Hi again,
 Uh oh, starting to slack off on the posts. Let's see what have we been up to.
Last Wednesday we played tourist and headed for Deadwood and Lead. Then we saw a billboard for Thunderhead Underground Falls and it was on our VIP card for free. So we whipped around and detoured more than I thought to see this great wonder. We were the only ones there and had the place to ourselves. So we show the guy in the window our cards and he plays a short recorded message and off we go. We head into a cave and thought man it sure is dark. I break out my phone and switch on flashlight mode. It really gets dark? We turn back and look for a light switch but find none. Back in we go, what do we expect for free, right. We go the 600 feet to the thundering waterfall pouring into the cave, then tadaa just as we were taking pics we had light. The guy said he realized a breaker had tripped and had a hard time getting it reset, oh sure'). We got a good laugh anyhow.

 Well now that we made this detour Black Hills Cavern is just down the road and also on our VIP card. It is a small 1 mile cave that features some small stalactites.
 Okay we are really off track now, we abort Deadwood and Lead for today. We drove further and visited Chapel In The Hills. This was a replica of a chapel in Norway. It boast many intricate wood carvings done by master carvers in Norway and shipped here.

A original Norwegians settler's log cabin 
 Next up as we were headed in the direction of Rapid City was The Journey Museum. This museum takes you on a trek through time in the Black Hills area. It gives you the geological story of the hills and then the storey of Indian time to the ensuing gold rush up to present time.
 We finished with a nice Chinese dinner down the road. All in all it was a nice day and totally unplanned. And the best part using the VIP card we saved $57.00, that is a nice perk for volunteering here.
   The weather has been getting better and we got the kayak out on Stockade Lake. First, I have to tell you I got the best wife. As I fished she would paddle me from spot to spot. I know this sounds really bad, but fishing is hard work. I kept enough crappie for a nice dinner, and yes I cleaned and cooked the fish.

 On Saturday we hit a barbecue festival in Rapid City. It is only the third year and is not established yet.  But we did get some tasty BBQ.
 Things at the campground got interesting the other day. We had our first case where a camper that was scheduled to leave took off and was gone for the day. We were full and the incoming people were with other family on nearby sites. Our supervisor tried all afternoon to phone them. We finally were able to relocate the new camper to a no show site and gave them a free night. The camper that didn't leave finally returned at 10:00 pm. Our supervisor had instructed us to call law enforcement to evacuate them, but then had a change of heart and allowed them to stay. They were all apologetic to us and the other people.
 We sure were stressed out the whole shift. Part of our job is to try and remind people of their departures. This is very difficult as people many times are out all evening. And then with a rain storm on the previous night we were not able to talk with these people. We heard of the same issue the next day in another of our campgrounds which made us feel better, but this system definitely needs some adjusting.
 Well other than that it has been a great place to work and we are happy to be here. We wonder what our boss thinks - he keeps asking us if we are liking it here.


  1. I guess with the perks come some negative stuff. All in all it has to be a great place to work.

  2. Ray and Wendy, So glad ya'll are enjoying your new job at Custer. Wayne and I ended up buying a new 5th wheel to take on our trip. We left home on May 8th, went to Crane's Mill and stayed a week. We wanted to make sure we didn't forget anything that we couldn't live without before we took off for our long trip. We left there on May 15th and only traveled to Kerrville, TX to spend the night. His mom and sister and her family live there. So we stayed there at a RV park for a couple of nights to visit with them. Then we took off! We met up with one of our Marine Corps buddies and his wife in Arizona on May 20. Since then, we have traveled together.We are now in Cortez, Co. Wayne has 2 brothers who live here. We have been here since June 7th and will stay for another week or so. Then our friends will go their separate way and Wayne and I will head out to Spokane, WA to visit his uncle and aunt. We are still planning on coming to see you guys at Custer. Don't know exactly when that will be, but will keep in touch. Our e-mail address is gayanpapa@gmail.com. Please send me yours. I know I got it, but can't remember where I put it. Also, send me your phone number and I will send mine on your e-mail. Looking forward to seeing you soon.