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Friday, June 14, 2013

Harney Peak

Hello all,
 The time seems to be flying by. I guess when you are planning your dream it seems like it will never get there and then boom- it's here. We still are pinching ourselves
 We were telling one younger couple of what we are doing and they said that they would like to do it. We say you just have to plan and plan some more. We figured we had planned about fifteen years to do this. I had worked with one younger guy who said whats the use, he will never be able to retire. With an attitude like that he probably won't.
 We are really getting in vacation mode around here, we are full most every night. People come and go so fast, we have trouble keeping track.
 On Tuesday we headed off to Deadwood and Lead. We bummed around downtown Deadwood, stopping to listen to some live music and sip a cold one. We made a quick deposit to one of the many casinos with no return of our investments :(.
 We took in the grave of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. We also toured one of the oldest homes in the town. The Adams House preserved as it stood in 1936. We headed for a museum and realized it would only be open for about 45 minutes so not enough time. We should have better planned what we were doing and left earlier in the morning. And we never made it to Lead. Oh well maybe another day.
On Wednesday the weather looked like a good day for a hike. We talked about it and decided to try Harney Peak. Harney Peak at 7242 feet is the highest point east of the Rockies. The trail is 3-1/2 miles to the peak. It is a very popular and many families do this hike. We passed one family where mom and dad were each carrying a little one with a 4 year old in hand.
 So as we left on the nice sunny morning,  clouds began to form and the higher up we got we realized we would not get much of a view. But we were to far along to quit now. We continued on and reached the tower at the end. The tower is quite something to see. It was built by the CCC in 1939.
 Wendy is thinking she may hike this again when our daughters visit in July. Hopefully she will get a better view and can take pictures to show me. Yeah, once was enough for me.)

Harney Peak


  1. That does look like a great hike, but when there are no clouds :)

  2. Nice post. We did the hike on our visit, but we need to go back to do Deadwood.

  3. So Pat wants to know if that milage is roundtrip... he says it should be a girls trip only. Looks neat, I'm in.

  4. Pat wants to know if the milage is round trip. He said it should be a girl's trip. Looks neat so I'm in!

    1. Round trip was 7 mi. I think he should go with yall and I will volunteer to stay with Isaiah')