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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Keeping busy!!

Hello all,
 Our days seem to be flying by. I can't say things are running smoothly here but we have managed to avoid disaster and believe we have kept everyone happy. #1 Goal.
They are using a new reservation system and there are areas that are not clear. Even our supervisors can't say for certain the way the rules should work.
 It is rewarding when you can help a guest out and they are really happy. I will give a few instances where we have done this.
Sylvan Lake
 We hiked around Sylvan Lake on Sunday and while on the hike chatted with a couple from Switzerland. When we began our shift later that day they pulled in looking for a site. We had not mentioned that we were hosting so it was big surprise for them and us. They had this neat Mercedes Benz RV that required Solar so we arranged a sunny site for them. When they left they gave us a postcard of their village and thanked us.

 We had a fellow make an error and overstay his reservation. When the next guest arrived we were able to relocate them saving the guy from knocking down camp. And he was really getting the evil eye from his wife.
 When we stayed at Betty's in Louisiana they called it the Betty Shuffle, she would move guest from one site to another allowing some longer than planned stays. So here it is the Wendy Shuffle.
  We had a couple with four small kids come in, it was late and they were on hold for a long time with the reservation company. We made sure they got a site and gave them some firewood for the night.
  It's just nice when you can be of some help.
 As of today we have had campers from Switzerland, Netherlands, Holland, Germany, and Canada and the season is now getting rolling.
 We also have seen a few different rigs. Some of the foreigners have their RV shipped here to use.
 It is also neat when you see a well maintained older RV.

 We spent part of a day checking out Center Lake area. Tried some fishing while Wendy relaxed by the lake. We hiked around part of the lake.

Another lake to paddle.

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  1. I'm amazed at how many foreign RVrs there are. To think how much it would cost to ship a rig here!