Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to quiet

Hello all,
  Boy, what a change a few days make. The bikes have headed for home. It is hard to believe how fast of a change from bikes and their constant rumble to just a few passing by occasionally. All in all it was pretty neat to have seen and been a small part of the rally.
  The weather here has sure been far from normal. Most all the locals say it is never this green at this time of the year. And the rains keep coming. The good part is they are usually afternoon storms that pass through and not all day soakers.

 We continue to look for a volunteer gig for the winter. We have had a couple good contacts and hopefully we can get it figured out soon.
  We have been having a good time with Lukas. One bad part of bike week was there was not as many kids in the campground. Lukas would take off on his bike as soon as he saw kids at the playground. One time he returned rather quickly and sheepishly said the kids were speaking a different language and he couldn't understand them. Later though he was playing with them, I thought that was neat.

  We had a good discussion with our boss about the possibility of returning, we are still undecided. The naturalist gave us a nice departing gift that was sure unexpected. We have sure had a great adventure here and met some nice people.

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  1. We are thinking about workamping in South Dakota next summer. We leave Florida in mid-April, so we could mosey on up there in May or so. We'll keep our eyes peeled for an opportunity! Hope you find something for the winter.