Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Friday, August 16, 2013

Leaving Custer

Hi all,
  Sadly we are all done with our first volunteer adventure. We had asked to be done by Labor Day and the supervisor had a returning couple that would come in on Aug. 15 so it worked out well for all.
  To recap we had a great time. We completed about 300 hours of volunteering. Best part for Wendy- the beauty of the park, for Ray- fishing in the many lakes and trout ponds.
  We both enjoyed meeting a lot of nice people, both guests and coworkers. We used the VIP volunteer passes for a total of about $500.00 in attraction fees. We also recieved four free nights camping in SD state parks, good through 2014. Worst part- a lack of supervision for the paid attendants. These are nice college kids that quickly learn how to avoid some of the work. Overall we thought we couldn't have picked a better job or place. As to if we return??? We need to let the park know by Oct. 1st. I would say we are leaning toward a return.
  We left and made a nice drive through the Badlands. It was a very overcast day but we enjoyed a little climbing about with Lucas.
 We had to change our plans on our return as we have an appointment at the rv factory on Monday. We had an episode with the black tank that we feel best if the factory does the repair. The factory is in Smith Center (north central) Kansas. It should get us back to WI about Aug. 23rd. We are really looking forward to catching up with family and friends.
Beautiful sand hills of  Nebraska


  1. Summer sure went by fast. We can't believe we only have 2 weeks left here in Oregon. We will be looking for a summer gig in Custer ourselves.

  2. it sure was nice meeting you guys, safe travels until we meet again.

    Phil and Rudee

  3. That's a good indication of whether a place is good for volunteering at if workers want to return. I'll keep that in mind for the day we're looking for volunteer jobs!