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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Having fun

Hi all,
  Boy, after the family and friends left we felt wore out. A day spent just relaxing was in order. But not to much as we have our nine year old grandson staying with us for the next two weeks and ya know how much a nine year old can sit.
So on Tuesday we headed to tour Rushmore Cave. This was the forth cave we have taken in the Black Hills. We then took in Big Thunder Mine which was a gold mine that two guys worked on for over thirty years and produced about $20.00 total in gold. Lukas got to try his luck in panning.
  We again used our VIP passes for this. The passes are given to area workers and volunteers and we have so far used them for $430. worth. A nice side perk!
  Wednesday we finally loaded up the bikes and took a ride on the Mickelson Bike Trail. This is a rails to trails that covers over 100 miles.
  We drove to trail head seven in Mystic and rode to two tunnels in one direction and one tunnel in the other direction. Overall about 10-1/2 miles. We also crossed some neat trestle bridges and followed a beautiful stream. Definitely would like to ride some more of this.
   Thursday I took Lukas fishing to Stockade Lake. The fishing spot where I had been having success seems to have gone cold. We caught a couple then went to a pier where Lukas caught a nice bluegill and a good crappie. He was hooked, it began to rain and he just kept on fishing. We caught a few more and will have a nice fish dinner.
  We are now in the midst of bike week. The Sturgis rally brings in enough bikes to double the population of South Dakota. It brings in huge tourist dollars for the whole Black Hill area. It is surely a spectacle to see. Bikes, bikes, and more bikes. They have a few big rides scheduled and Wendy says they all pass by our campground. Being our first time witnessing it, it should be cool.

    The time here is winding down fast, less than two weeks and we are outta here.

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