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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Amarillo by Morning

Hey all,
  Making tracks now, we left Branson on Thursday and drove to Shawnee Okla. It was a scenic drive, very hilly and curvy. Again had us wishing the trees were in more fall colors.
 We planned to stay at the Firelake Grand Casino for a night. They had RV parking with electric and water sites. Only problem was it looked like squatters had taken up all the RV sites. Maybe they were working in the area but the run down rigs looked to be here long term. Oh well we were able to boondock in another part of the lot. We got a nice meal inside and played a few penny slots. Wendy was lucky and cashed out $22.00. I had won some but ended up $4.00 down. Yeah, we are really big time gamblers.
  Friday we got a nice early start aiming for Amarillo. We left with the temp at 49 and sunny, when we arrived just outside Amarillo at 1:30 pm it was 39 with 30 mph winds. There is a freeze warning tonight. This is crazy cold, but it should be short lived as tomorrow's temp has a high of 66 and sunny.
 Saturday morning we awoke to 33 degrees. Needless to say we were in no hurry to get out of bed. But the sun began to shine and the wind was calm so things warmed up pretty fast. We drove to a nearby visitor center and checked out a few things to do. The main thing we want to check out is Palo Duro Canyon State Park. With the late start we decided to do that on Sunday. I will write on that in the next post.
  We made a plan for the day- first stop was Jack Sisemore RV Museum. What a surprise this place is. Tucked in a building behind the current Sizemore Traveland RV, you enter the RV store and they direct you back through the store to the museum. They have 17 RVs that are pure gems. They also give you a nice history on each. A couple of the stories are amazing. Some of the rigs have been rebuilt, but a couple are amazingly original.
This Bus was in the movie "RV"
We knew someone that had one of these
 They also have some assorted motorcycles and just some neat antiques. Now for the best parts you do the tour all on your own and they let you enter many of the units. There are a few signs asking not to touch certain things but that is very understandable. Oh and did I mention the cost--- FREE!. This is a must stop if you are traveling nearby.
 Next we drove to the Cadillac Ranch, no not the bar. This is one of those crazy things someone did and people just flock to.  It is 10 old Cadillacs buried halfway nose first. This was done by an artist and they correspond to the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. They are in a cow pasture and they have a gate that people are welcome to enter. Now the neat part of this is you are free to do graffiti on it all. People bring the paint and just have at it.
 No trip to Amarillo is complete without eating at The Big Texan. This used to be a staple stop on old highway 66. They moved to I40 years ago. Now this is the place famous for the free 72 oz. sirloin. Free if you can eat it as a meal with potato, salad, roll, and 3 shrimp horderve. You must also do this in one hour. It has been featured on Man vs Food. Well, no we did not try and as we did a lunch no one else was trying. But the steaks we had were great and again something you have to experience once.


  1. Late welcome to Amarillo. Good to see you enjoyed some of our scenery and changeable weather. Palo Duro Canyon is a great place to visit! We live just 18 miles north of it You just missed enjoying our 80 degree weather today. Come back soon!

    1. Had a great time in Amarillo area. Loved Palo Duro Canyon!

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