Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Friday, October 11, 2013

Oops and off we go....

Hi all,
  We left out on Monday almost as planned. Turned out Wendy had a crown pull loose from a post. She called early in the morning and luckily they were able to get her in at 8:15. Wendy was a bit mad as this crown had come loose one time before, that and we had just spent money on cleaning and check ups two weeks earlier. Well she changed her attitude when they told her there would be no charge.) Glad it happened while we were still in town. So after that we loaded up and headed out.
  We drove about 300 mi. to Effingham, Ill and boondocked in a Flying J. We had stayed here last year on our first day out so it should have been old hat but- Seems our GPS took us to a Pilot Station that had no overnight RV parking. Then trying to get back on the freeway I messed up and took a construction detour. Wendy was busy trying to figure why the d- GPS wouldn't take us to Flying J. So about 5 miles through town and then back to the Pilot. We went in and found the Flyin J was the next exit down the freeway. Some of you may know and we do now, Flying J and Pilot are the same company. Not a good start on year 2 but it happens. Nothing a couple cold ones wouldn't make all better.
  Day 2 had us on the road early and heading to Poplar Bluff, Mo Camelot RV campground. This was a half way point to Branson where we are planning a short stay. The drive also took us through Sikeston and I couldn't pass up a lunch at Lambert's. (famous pig out place and home of the Throwed Rolls).
Cotton fields
  We are now part of the multitudes of people that have had to change plans due to the govt. shut down. We had planned on staying at some Corp of Engineering parks but not happening. There were a couple state parks not to far but we opted to just stay close to the main road as it would only be two nights.
  On Wednesday we drove up and took a hike at Lake Wappapello State Park. The park is on a large flowage. We toured the park and were glad that we left the RV, some of these hills were really steep grades. It could have been done but for only two days not worth the effort. We then took a drive to see Sam Baker State Park. A small park on a river that didn't impress us. Sometimes you get a picture in your mind of what an area will look like.
Lake Wappapello
  I think Wendy and I both realized we had underestimated the hills. The only thing missing from making it totally awesome is color. Seems we are here two weeks to early. Oh well, always need a reason to return.
 We decided to stay in Hollister at the Turkey Creek RV Village Escapee Park. We are escapee members and it is only about one mile from Branson. Tomorrow we will begin to investigate Branson and the area.

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  1. Not sure if you know about the My Pilot app. I have it on my droid and it is helpful in our plans to get fuel or overnight in Flying J or Pilot.