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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Roper Lake State Park

Hi again,
  The last couple days were spent cleaning and restocking the RV for our time in AZ. There is a Walmart in Safford only 7 miles away so we didn't have to over do it. The location of Safford is the southeast corner of AZ, 120 mi north of Mexico and 40 mi from New Mexico. Also about 130 east of Tucson.
  We moved out early Tuesday as we had heard of high wind warnings. As we drove on I-10 we saw several signs warning of 0 visibility possibilities. Later on the news we heard of a terrible pile up on I-10 that took three lives. It was a bit west of where we had driven. These winds pick up the dust so fast people can't react.
  The drive was very nice, there was a mountain range along the south and numerous mountains on the north. We didn't envision the area being quote this mountainous.
 So we pulled in and met Michelle the volunteer coordinator, after a brief chat she led us to our site. It is a great site, we are in the middle of three host sites. The site is very spacious with a nice covered picnic table. We have a firepit that is set to the back that is shared with the other host. At this time one host has yet to come and the one here has been here a while and is set to leave Friday.
 I had pictured the park being in a flat open setting, I could not have been more wrong. It is just beautiful with mountain views in two directions. The 30 acre lake is man made, fed from mountain runoff. They created a peninsula that has a beach and even some palm trees, they call this the island.
There are 8 cabins in the park
 Oh and did I mention the hot tub, Yes! it has a natural hot spring they have made into a cool hot tub.

 We are almost pinching ourselves. We will get settled in the next couple days and begin training on Friday.


  1. Looks like a great place to workamp!

  2. I hadn't heard of this park, it looks like a resort and not a state park, you sure are lucky!