Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our first year end report.

Hi all,
  Okay, tried to put this first year end report together. It was a bit difficult as we had left out mid month and spent almost seven weeks at our daughter Amanda's house and not in the RV.
     Miles driven = 17,603 - of that 4,515 towed
     States visited-16
    Total stops- 34
     Fuel cost - 11 mo. at $3538. / $442 per mo.
     Average monthly cost $2,799
 We had budgeted at $2,641 and were determined to be less than $3,000, so we feel good with that. We did incur a RV repair at about $1,600 and a $150 truck repair for hail damage that although we do have emergency funds we felt best to just use budgeted money.
  Camping cost were nice and low. Only $3110 as we had spent 6+ weeks with the daughter, one week with Wendy's brother and fiance and also volunteered at Custer 3-1/2 mo. We had originally set up our budget after tracking our spending in the old home and were still working. For the coming year we will readjust some of categories but still keeping the limit. If anyone is planning or would like more info let me know and I could forward a copy of our budget.
 Now on with year 2 in the life of a couple fulltime rvers.)

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  1. Happy anniversary! We are hanging in there with our budget, but there are always overages in some categories. A little tweaking is necessary.