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Friday, January 3, 2014

A Start to the New Year

 Happy New Year!
  Hope everyone had a good New Years eve and day. Ours was pretty quiet, we cooked some steaks on the eve and had a gathering with coworkers on New Years Day. Nothing fancy as we just met in the visitor center so all could join in. Everyone brought a dish to pass, we ended up with a good mix of food and desserts. It also worked out nice as one volunteer is leaving and a new one came in, a good chance for everyone to meet the new and say goodbyes.
 Down to the last month here, we discussed what we have left to see and do in the area. A couple things but not to much. There is a lot more to the west that we are saving for when we get done here.
  We wanted to spend more time down at the Chiricahua National Monument. So that was our adventure this week.  On Thursday we took off looking to hike and burn off some of those holiday calories.
Saw about 6 deer
  Wendy still had brochures from our last visit and picked a moderate hike, the Natural Bridge Trail. It was not through the tall rocks as before but took you up through a canyon, down through a valley to a natural suspended bridge. You didn't get real close so a good thing Wendy had the zoom along.
  This is the least used trail in the park- we were the only ones on the trail. The trail though listed as moderate had some good elevation gain at the start, then you peaked in one area but then travel down through a valley park (meadow), up again a short piece to the end bridge view.
 This was an out and back trail of 2.4 mi one way. I was pretty beat after that, but glad that we did it. Just seems every turn brings another amazing view.
  The weather report had said 63 for the area, but with the winds and elevation (just under 6000ft.) it was colder than that. Along with the different directions and terrain sometimes you felt hot and then you would hit a shady area or get the wind and cool you off fast. Just saying that is why we looked so bundled up.
Manzanita tree- smooth red bark

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  1. Great looking trail, love it when they're not crowded with tourists!