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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hot tubs

Hi again,
  Holidays are over and everyone must be back to work or school, we have very few guest coming in with reservations. We do get a few just dropping in for a day or so, but overall we are in a slow time. I guess that is the norm.   More time to do some painting- Wendy and I get scheduled for two days in maintenance. We have been painting the electrical pedestals and protective posts by them. We finally finished with all 50- yea!! They look nice and are all uniformly the same, previously some were white and some were grey.  
Photo                                      Photo
  Next up for us will be painting the fascia on the picnic shelters. Wendy will be glad, she doesn't mind painting but the pedestals were a bit of a pain.   We are a bit short of volunteers as one that suppose to arrive has a medical issue and one is in training. We have picked up another day to help out. We don't mind still getting two days off and we only do the 4-1/2 hour days.   Our adventure this week was a short drive to Hot Wells Dunes Recreation Area. It is located about 25 southeast of the park. The drive was down a dirt road which is always fun. It is on BLM land and boast 2 artisan fed hot tubs, primitive camping, and picnic areas. It is also popular to off road enthusiast who are able to ride in the sand dunes.
Photo Photo      Photo                            We were there just to visit and soak in the hot tubs.
 Photo    Photo   Photo
We had read these were some real HOT springs and were they right. At about 105 we were bouncing in and out quite a bit. Our hot tub in Roper is only at about 92-93 and you can soak all you want. While there we had a nice visit with a local who told us some good history of the area. They were actually drilling for oil and hit upon the hot wells. It all made for a nice quiet day out in the desert.

  As you notice the pictures are small and you can't click on them to make them bigger. The updated Picasa isn't letting us post pictures. As soon as they fix the problem, we'll update the photos.


  1. Love natural hot springs. 105 is hot!

  2. Ray and Wendy. I have been unable to download pic for a week. Today I open blogger with Google Chrome and was able to get it done. It was only the pics, I wrote all the text using Internet Explorer.