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Friday, January 24, 2014


Hi all,
Things keep rolling smoothly around here. We don't see big swings in weather, most nights about 34 and days have been in the mid 60's.  We have had a few days with wind but not as bad as I had thought it would be.
The Santa hat needed to go.

 We got back to our four day work week schedule. We had done a few weeks working five days while a new host was training.
 This week for our adventure we got out the GPS, dusted it off, added some new batteries and set off for a day of geocaching.

We had taken up geocaching many years ago and lately for unspecific reasons had gotten away from it. It was a sport we enjoyed doing with our kids and grandkids. We also enjoyed doing with other family members.Wendy had found a line of caches planted along Hwy 266 which runs through the Coronado National Forest. It was about 17 miles south of the park.
We had driven this road before and enjoyed its beauty. It crosses a mountain range going up in elevation from 3000 to around 6000, with taller mountains peaks about. The scenery also features many rock formations. There are areas for primitive camping and we found a very nice picnic area.
  If you have not geocached, caches are hidden receptacles holding a log and sometimes a few trinkets. Caches are classified by size as micro, small, and regular. The micros we found today were about the size of a matchbox car, many were small cookie tins and the regular was a ammo box.
 So with a picnic lunch packed we set off. The first cache had a easy rating so shouldn't have been to tough. It took us quite a while to find actually finding it 170 feet from where our GPS said it should be.
 That is one thing with geocaching your GPS may read different than the person who hid the cache. With that thought in our minds we went to the second location where it was to be hidden in a large rock cropping. After a good amount of time and a lot of climbing we gave up. On to number 3 and again we struck out. We were starting to get a bit discouraged but it was a nice day and we were getting some fresh air and needed exercise.
 We did get better as we used the data from the first one- we actually looked 170 feet east of where our GPS said it should be and tada that seemed to work.
 On the day we found 9 of 12, not to bad and had a great day doing it. We both agreed we have to do more
 of this.

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  1. I finally learned about that when in Myrtle Beach. It is a lot of fun! We hope to spend more time looking for them.