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Friday, January 17, 2014

Interesting things!

Hi all,
 This post or pictures may seem different, it seems a Picasa update( where Wendy stores, adjusts, and retrieves pics from) has been a big pain. Others have been having the same issues so hopefully they will get it resolved soon. Isn't technology great? (Thanks to Jim & Nanc, I figured out how to put the pictures in)
  We have had a change of our plans as to when we leave here. We were to be out on Feb. 1, but as our host site is open and a incoming couple are having medical issues we will be staying on a few more weeks. We really have no set in stones plans other than being in South Dakota by May 8th. So we will still have plenty of time to explore more of Arizona and some of Utah.
 We had a nice visit with a couple from North Carolina. Dennis and Eddy were volunteers at Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park just west of Phoenix. It was fun exchanging volunteer experiences. You really find a big difference in duties.
 So far we are happy just doing the volunteer thing. We have read of others that are doing paid jobs and having to deal with Boss and coworker issues. Man, that is the type of thing you had hoped to leave behind. I know some have no choice and need the income, but if we can make it without the hassle we will try. Yeah, I know Wendy applied for a paid position this summer, but after volunteering there we pretty know what to expect, from bosses and coworkers.
  This week we took a drive to Globe, AZ. About 70 miles northwest we had heard of a neat store we wanted to check out. The Pickle Barrel Trading Post is one of those one of a kind stores selling everything from jewelry, Indian crafts, and tons of yard décor. It is just a fun place to walk through. You at times felt like you were in a museum with some of the stuff on display. Good thing we are fulltimers and have no room for some of this or else.

Also in the area is the Besh-Ba-Gowah Archaelogical Park. It features ancient Indian ruins and a small museum. You walk through the remains of a 700 year old pueblo. The museum holds many pottery pieces that were excavated here. Not a big place but a nice stop if in the area.

 After we got a good Mexican dinner in the historic downtown of Globe. They feature quite a few good Mexican fare restaurant's, we chose El Ranchito and were quite satisfied.
            We enjoyed this drive as it brings you into the area of saguaro cactus.
Full moon over Roper Lake

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