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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Hi all,
The weather pattern has broken, we have had three days of no rain. The temps are rising and the fourth looks like a good weekend. We want to wish everyone a great July 4th!
 Being retired gives a person time to pursue new and exiting hobbies. It is a good time to give a try to something that interested you but you had no time for. With that in mind I began carving some diamond willow hiking sticks.
 I had been talking with a couple other guys in the park and they said they would show me how to tell and find the diamond willows. Actually diamond willows are not a species but are a willow that has been infected with a fungi which cause the diamonds. So with some direction from Vern (our asst. supervisor) off Wendy and I went on a stick hunt.
 We got lucky and found the right spot as we noticed previous fresh cuts from Vern. After a short while I had cut about 10 sticks of various size. Vern later came and checked our work and was impressed with what we had got.

Wendy couldn't pass up pine needles
 A couple are dry so I will be able to work on them the others will take some time to dry.
 Tuesday was get out the VIP passes and pick something to do. The choice today was a nice drive up toward Sturgis with a tour of the Wonderland Cave. I was kind of expecting a cheesy tourist draw but thought why not it's free. I was really surprised to find it was quite a nice cave. It had many good cave features and the buildings and gift shop were well maintained. We also drove up a very scenic road though Vanocker Canyon to get there.
  Wednesday I ventured to new waters checking out Angostura Reservoir with fellow camphost JD.
Located about 35 miles south near Hot Springs. This is a big reservoir and has good walleye and crappie fishing. We poked around different places on the shore, caught a few different fish but no walleye or crappie. This is a big lake and a boat would give one a much better chance. Oh well, the weather was great and we had a good time.
 The day was finished out with a wildlife drive which is never bad here.
they really do play

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