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Monday, October 20, 2014

A Late Summer

Hi all,
 We left our stay at Gunter Hill on Sunday. We used most of our time there just hanging out in the park. We rode the bikes and walked quite a bit which felt good. We also got the RV and truck thoroughly cleaned and replaced a vent on the roof that had cracked in the South Dakota hail. I spent a little extra time doing this to clean and recaulk the area. Sometimes it is just nice slowing the pace down and watching some leaves fall.
 Another move has put us back at a familiar place. We have returned to Summerdale, Alabama where we are staying at The Rainbow Plantation which is an Escapee park. We stayed here during our first winter as fulltimers.
 It is a short drive to Gulf Shores and we will be spending some quality time at the beach. There are also many other different things to see and do in the area. As a bonus the weather forecast is as good as it could be. We say this will be our summer as cool as it was in most parts this past year.
 So to change the subject a few other things have been giving us some mental turmoil lately.
 First(Grr) our mail which is delivered bimonthly(shipped the 14th and 28th) to us seemed to have been lost for all of September. We were having it delivered to general delivery in Mukwonago. We received one mailing from August then got none in Sept. When I contacted Alternative Resources our mail handler they told me that mail was sent on the 15th and 29th. At Alt. Resources  accumulated mail get put in a manila envelope and first classed to us. We have not seen the need to upgrade We now have received our mail from Oct. 14th but who knows where the other mail went??
 Next( Grrgrr) up we heard our mail handler is changing hands and will be changing its name and location. To us that means we will be moving. All the fun of changing addresses and notifications.
 Luckily we have some time to act on that which is a good thing because there are some issues with getting health care in South Dakota. As they may not allow full timers insurance we may look to move our domicile to Florida or Texas. A lot of things need to be weighed before making a decision.
 And lastly(GrrGrrGrr) our Internet provider Millinicom has been bought out by Verizon. Many fulltimers were using this provider and as of this writing we have no idea what we will have after our monthly term ceases. We received one email from Millinicom and now hear they are completely out of service. 
 Just some frustrations that we all get in one form or another but still no fun.(
 Okay I feel better now thanks for letting me vent a little.)

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  1. Oh yeah, we've grumbled about the same thing :) We still haven't heard from Avera Insurance that they will drop us come Jan. 1. We've done the research and it's looking like Texas will be our new home. It doesn't look as bad as some people complain about. I think Texas will be more convenient for us in the long run.