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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gulf Shores Fun

Hi all,
What a great stretch of weather we are having here at Gulf Shores. We have been soaking up the sun along with mixing in some bike rides and walks.
 I tell Wendy that this is a summer vacation and it won't last long. Oh well we will enjoy it while we can our volunteer job starts Nov.1. No more fun and games then')
 We took a nice 10 mile ride through Gulf Shores State Park. They have a very nice trail as long as you don't mind sharing with gators. We did see this one with a couple young ones in the brush.
 After the bike ride we visited the famous Florabama Bar. We had a yummy bushwhacker with a side of nachos. They make the best bushwhacker (think Wendy's frostee with lots of rum). Wendy said she really was feeling it after the one drink.

 Like other vacations we are eating to much. I think they have every restaurant imaginable here. We had a good catfish dinner at Fish River Caf√©, not much of a place to look at. We also got some fresh shrimp from a market by the docks.
 Today we got in a nice festival in nearby Elberta German Sausage fest. It is a biannual fundraiser for the fire department. It attracts about 30,000 downing 7,000 pounds of german sausage. Also held with a craft fair and music. We had a good time and the sausage was delicious.

50 foot grill

 If anyone needs to find a place with lots to do we strongly suggest a visit here. There are also many outlet stores nearby for the days when the sun isn't shining, or you need a break from it.
 We did get a couple issues resolved that I had talked about in the last post. As our internet provider was bought out we had to make a change. We stopped in a Verizon store and left rather happy, we were able to add some data to our existing phone plan and just buy a jet pack for our router. We left with a $50 bill and our monthly cost will go from $90 to $42. WOW, well we do have a lot less data but we had way more than we used anyhow. (side note: it helps we are on daughters plan and she gets a great discount from her employer- THX Amanda).
 One other note our mail that was lost from September was sent back to our mail handler and will be resent soon. I was a bit miffed at them as they said they would call us if it was returned and no attempt was made. I had to ask them to check our box to find it was just sitting there.

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  1. Wow Yuengling in Alabama, one of my favorites. Travel safe!!!