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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WOW Nice at Niceville

Hi all,
"WOW" has been our most frequent word the past few days. We made a move a mere 120 miles east to the Destin, Florida area and WOW! What a beautiful place, white sand beaches and clear water, just awesome.
 Wendy had booked us into nearby Rocky Bayou State Park, in Niceville. It is a short hop over a toll bridge to the Destin peninsula and beaches. Rocky Bayou is actually a nice shady hideout after spending a day at the beach.
 The weather has also been blessing us with great temps for just beaching it. Actually today is predicted to be cloudy with some rain and we are almost happy for it.
  We are using this as a vacation before we begin our four month work camp job. We didn't realize this place would be so beautiful. The difference in water and sand is so different from Gulf Shores  it is amazing. Not that Gulf Shores is bad but side by side no comparison.
Gulf Shores
from Henderson Beach State Park(Destin)

 One of the things we wanted to do in the area was tour Fort Pickens. It was a pleasant 50 mile drive along the coast to the fort. As we had previously toured Fort Morgan and Fort Gaines by the Mobile Bay we wanted to add this history lesson. These forts were built by slaves back around 1830's to protect from invasion. Ironically they only saw action when the country was at war with itself.
 The fort is located on an island south of Pensacola and while there we were treated to a Blue Angels practice. There were quite a few people who just turned out for this as a  good viewing area. Very neat and loud.

On the drive home we took a walk and watched a fisherman casting a net. He was quite friendly telling us a little about this. He was also quite successful today netting 13 fish(mullet) on one throw, he threw one more time though we didn't see how many he got then but it was enough to call it a day. He nicely offered us a fish but we weren't prepared for handling it at the time.


It was a nice drive passing some unique beach properties.

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  1. WOW another place we need to add to our to do list.