Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our RV life after two years

 Hi all,
Hard to believe we have been full time RVing for two full years. While in our planning years it seemed a dream that would never get here.
 What have we learned.
 That we can live in a small place and not want to strangle each other to much.)
 That preplanning even years ahead makes the transition smoother.  A good financial planner that understands your goals is helpful.
 That we really do not miss the old stix n brix house one bit.
 That purging your stuff while may be hard at the time gives you freedom you never had.
  Is it what we thought it would be?
   Yes I believe that because we had done so much planning(dreaming) we have not came across many surprises.  Reading blogs of fulltimers out there and how they do it helped immensely.
 Has any of our thoughts changed?
  No, we have no plans or thoughts to leave the lifestyle in the near future.
 Some of our numbers for the past year.
 We have driven 17,309 total miles- 3700 while towing.
 Our yearly budget has been roughly about $30,000 for the past two years. Camp hosting about 30 weeks greatly helps the numbers.
 We spent $3,200 camping
 Fuel was $4,600.
 If anyone is interested in pursuing this lifestyle and would like more detailed info leave us a message we would be happy to help.
 So ready or not here we go- Year #3               Thanks for following along.


  1. Nice summary, keep on truckin!!!

  2. Good for you! You have the best attitude. We're right there with ya :)

  3. Hello u 2 from NSW - AUSTRALIA - like your beginnings I love to read interesting blogs. I have even printed out USA & Canadian maps to see where all the folks come & go from - so now I get a geography lesson as well. I just started with you but when you mentioned your 2 year anniversary - well I just had to go back to your 1st blog & catch up. I loved your photos of your camping exploits down through the formative years of your kids growing up. Now I think the grandkids are lucky to have u guys as a great example. Also enjoy you both taking turns at the blog. I wish u all the best for your snowbird trip. It is coming into summer here. Cheers for now.......