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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Goodbye Florida

Hi all,
 Time to put in the travel cd and hit the road. Our stay in Florida is over and just as it is starting to warm up. .
 We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed helping Amanda and Pat get all settled in to their new place. We teased her a bunch about the sweat camp she is running all in good fun. She has promised weekly garden reports and we for sure will see more baby goat pics whenever.

My last project a kids see-saw

 We had a good Easter with Wendy cooking ham and fixins on Saturday and plenty of leftovers for Sunday. We got to watch the Wisconsin Badgers pull one humongous upset knocking off undefeated Kentucky and sadly lose to Duke in the championship game. 
 As we left we were to stock our freezer with chicken she had gotten from employee sales. We couldn't help leaving her a new friend in her freezer.
holding a note saying eat more beef
 So we made our first stop at a favorite of ours the Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale Alabama. It is just north of Gulf Shores and will give us a week to get reacquainted with the beaches, weather permitting. This is our third stay here as it offers reasonable rates and we enjoy the area.
Spring in full bloom

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