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Friday, April 24, 2015

Cajun Fun Part II

 Hi all,
We had a special treat the other day, we got to hook up with a couple we met our first year at Custer State Park. Tim and Renee (from California) had went through orientation with us our first year. We only spent two months working with them but had a lot of fun.
 They had been off the road for a bit to take care of house issues but were just getting back to it. As they were heading east and us west we found we could meet up in Louisiana. Tim has family in Lafayette only about 25 miles north of here.
 So Monday we got together to do some touring about. They met us at Betty's and after a bit of catching up we took a drive to Avery Island to tour the famous Tabasco Factory. Tabasco brand pepper sauce is produced at the same place it was invented in 1868. And the company is still run by descendants of Edmund Mcllhenny.
 After the tour we headed to New Iberia for a nice lunch. It was great to catch up and we plan to get together again before we part ways.
 Well no time to rest yet, on Tuesday the gang at Betty's was invited to a cookout by Dave one of the local musicians that frequents the jam sessions. Not a typical Cajun cookout a bit different the menu was to be eggrolls. Daves friend Linda cooked us an amazing stir fry. Then heated up oil in the wok for about 300 handmade eggrolls. And this for a group of people that they barely know.
 A couple from Washington had just pulled in to Betty's and were told to unhook and follow along. Talk about getting thrown into the fire.) We had a great afternoon of food, drink, and some great stories.
 Wednesday Wendy and I took a drive back to New Iberia to tour Konriko Company Store and Rice Museum. We took a tour of the 102 year old mill that still produces a big staple to the Cajun cuisine.
 One interesting item is how the rice is now planted. They actually drop the seed by airplane into a flooded field. After a short time they drain the field allowing the rice to grow. They later flood the field twice more to drown out the weeds. This saves using harmful toxins as these same fields produce the crawfish that is so dearly loved here.

 Thursday we just took a drive through Palmetto State Park. A nice park that has camping, cabins, along the Vermillion River. We walked about and decided this would not be the place for daughter Amanda. Why you ask, we saw a bunch of snakes. This place is surrounded by water and swamp. They were in the water, on logs, and on land. I just can't imagine anyone tent camping here. It is a pretty park I guess that is why the gators like it. ) Sorry I like state parks but I think I'll sleep better at Betty's.


  1. The fun times at Betty's continues.

  2. You're always family at Betty's! We loved the Tobasco plant too, what a great tour.

  3. Some critters are cuter than others!