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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cajun Fun

Hi all,
We left Alabama with plans on spending a few days near Lake Pontchatrain, La. With rain storms predicted later in the day we thought there would be a dry window of time to drive a few hours and set up. We were wrong or actually the forecast was, we drove right into a super heavy rain. The sky at 10 am was as dark as night. After getting pounded by rain that slowed traffic to about 30 we pulled off the freeway to wait it out. Luckily it did lighten and we were able to get back on the road in about 1/2 hour. We then pulled into a rest area and had a visitor center rep call the park we were aiming for and ask how things were as I was afraid the roads may be flooded. They reported that most all the sites were pretty much under water and the forecast was just more rain.
 Time to change plans, Wendy had found a private park that was also a Passport America park so we could get some discount. Lakeside Rv Park just outside of Livingston, La sites were all concrete pads which sounded better than mud. It is a decent park with a private lake that holds bass, catfish, and bluegill. I tried a bit and landed a couple bass, it was just nice to fish.
who's the bald guy?? oh me
 So while there we checked out a big Bass Pro Shop just down the road a few miles. It is one of the biggest and  has a very Louisiana flavor.
 Friday was moving day again and after some night rain we got off to a dry start. We only had a little over 100 miles to get to Betty's RV in Abbeville, LA. On the drive Betty called us to check on our arrival and include us in a pizza party at happy hour later in the day. And so it begins.)
 If you haven't heard of Betty's RV it is a campground like no other. It doesn't have the frills that you might find in some  fancy RV resorts but what you find here are people who truly like to have a good time and are willing to join in the comrade. Happy hour happens every evening at 4:30 where sharing  adventures or planning new ones is a big part. If you are new to the area and want to know what there is to do the group will set you on course. Many times the group does things together and is well known in the community. One thing that is done pretty regular is attending the Saturday afternoon jams. They play a mix of old country and Cajun. They are held weekly alternating in venues in nearby towns Erath and Maurice.


What happens at Betty's you never know
 This week the jam was held at Erath and although we didn't have a big attendance those of us there had a great time. I know that Wendy and I danced more than we have in a long time.
 Sunday was leaving day for a couple of the gang and the group usually has a nice farewell see ya down the road goodbye.
 Sunday's happy hour was a crawfish feast that Betty had arranged. We ordered in the crawdads and I must confess Wendy and I have never had a plate of crawdads. I guess it is just not something you get everywhere. OK my second confession here I You Tubed a video of how to eat them. I didn't want to embarrass myself to much. Although all you have to think is twist, rip, tear, peel, eat, and repeat.)

 Not to worry we told the group and they were totally helpful assuring we got the most form the mud bugs. Wendy and I both enjoyed the meal and will definitely do this again.
 Side note: one of the couples (Jim and Nanc) we had met before here that also write a great blog http://runningdownourdream.blogspot.com/ got a article in Nick Russells Blog. Nick Russell is well known in the RV community and the publisher of  The Gypsy Journal, congrats to them.


  1. Although we've only been to Betty's once, we still feel like part of the family there :) Looked like a fun jammie day too!

  2. Nice post, you sure capture the essences of Betty's.