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Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting our Louisiana on.

    Well since moving from Alabama to Louisiana it has been go-go-go.
 We are at Betty's RV in Abbeville, La. It is a 17 site campground that is run by a very nice lady- Betty Bernard. She is a lively fun person and will help to steer you to any activity that interests you.
 At 4:30 each day they hold happy hour (or happy hours). The people gather to share snacks and discuss what they did or are planning to do.
 So we have been busy. On Friday we toured the Tabasco Factory. Nice free tour and samples to.
 We also took in the Jungle gardens and Bird City that was built by the son of the inventor of Tabasco.
 Saturday we did a Cajun Swamp tour.  The weather was quite cool and not the best for gator viewing, but we did see a few. We spotted a large one right away and we all thought it was a stuffed one for sure, especially when one said the could see through its head. But turns out it had a split lower jaw, quite amazing this thing survives. We also saw a couple snakes, a bunch of turtles, and a hawk up close. 


 On the way home we stopped at a neat restaurant  called Crazy Bout Crawfish. I had a gator Po boy and Wendy had a crawdad Po boy. Both were good.
 Sunday Betty had arranged jam session for the campers. A local lady (who had a great voice) and some of our camp neighbors entertained us for a couple hours.
 Today, Wendy and I took off and toured a couple near by towns. Rayne is touted as the Frog Capital of the World. The town is decorated with frog statues and murals. They also have a cemetery listed by Ripley's as the only cemetery facing North-South. We also tried the frog legs for lunch, yummy.

 Then we drove to Crowley and they are touted as the Rice capitol. The area is the largest rice producer in the states. We took in a nice museum there.


  1. Betty is such a great gal. We really enjoyed our time there. I see that Dan is still there playing the guitar and singing as well :) Glad you enjoyed the Tabasco factory too!

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