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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What happens at Betty's stays at Betty's

Hi all,
 Still having a ball in Louisiana. On Friday Betty got the group together and we went to lunch at Chef Roy's in Rayne. We had a big group of 22. They did a good job handling the group and everyone seemed well satisfied with there meals.

  We got up Saturday and got ready to attend the annual Cracklin Cookout. This event was held by Touchet's bar just north of Abbeville. This had been postponed from January due to weather and boy we were happy it was. They set up tents and different people set up to deep fry cracklins and other fare. Before this we had no idea of what a cracklin was. Well, you take strips of pork with skin, fat and meat, cut it up in small pieces. Then they deep fried it once then let it cool. They then deep fry it again and then put a nice Cajun seasoning on it. It was amazing. Some of the other food was sweet potatoes, chicken, steak, and  boudins (ground pork mixed with rice and seasonings.)
 People were free to waltz through the area as they cooked the food and eat as much as they wish. (or as much as they dared.) We couldn't believe they did this and all we paid for was drinks which were very reasonable.

 While this went on they had live bands playing music inside the bar. There was a good mix of Cajun, some zydeco and a variety of other. It was a great day.

 Sunday morning Wendy and I drove to Rip Van Winkles Gardens. This was an estate that Joseph Jefferson had built in 1870. Joseph was a famous actor. Later bought by John Bayless who developed the gardens.

Beutiful gardens
 The big story here is the area is by one of the salt domes. In 1980 while drilling in Lake Peigneur for oil a rig pierced one of the giant salt caverns and swallowed the lake. The vortex sucked down barges and all the drilling equipment, It also destroyed homes and land nearby. It was a miracle as they were still mining that everyone got out alive.
Chimney is all that is left
Sunday afternoon we were entertained by some of our musical talented neighbors. We snuck in a quick supper and then it was time for happy hour. Now mind you happy hour is at 4:30 and we were finally back for the night at 10:30.That's all I can divulge as WHAT HAPPENS AT BETTY'S STAYS AT BETTY'S!

Betty and Marie

"Time flys"   when your having fun!!


  1. That brings back so many memories! I can't wait to get back to Betty's someday :) Looks like you guys are definitely having fun!

  2. Good Post, Thanks for protecting the identity of the happy hour participants:)

  3. I want to go to Betty's! Looks like you are having so much fun. Those gardens you visited are beautiful!