Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gone fishing

Hello all,
 Our weekends are now Tuesday and Wednesday, I think that will be a plus when trying to do touristy things.
   On Tuesday I went fishing with Jay Zapp. Jay is doing our cabin cleaning and has done many other jobs volunteering here for a number of years. He also has worked at Escapee parks in the winter seasons.
 Jay is a avid fisherman and has done tournament fishing and also worked as a guide.
 We headed to Stockade Lake on the west side of the park. It is just beautiful and will definitely be a destination for our kayak.
 So, I watched him load up his boat with about 8 fishing rods and 2 very heavy tackle boxes. I sheepishly load my single pole and small tackle boxes.
 He is only fishing for bass today and doesn't mind that I will try for some crappie or blue gills. At the end of the day he had landed only about 5-6 bass and none of good size to him. I had landed a mix of more than 30 blue gill, crappie, and perch .

 I am sure he could have done better bass fishing, but was gracious allowing me to sit on some crappie holes.
 I missed fishing with my brother in law(Sonny) and grandsons this spring. But will surely take the grandsons out to this lake when they visit later this summer.
 On Wednesday we toured Wind Cave. Wind Cave National Park abuts south of Custer State Park.  We told our guide he needed to impress us as people have asked us which is better Jewel Cave or Wind Cave.

 We found them to be very different. Wind Caves biggest claim is called Box work. It resembles honeycomb or some say corrugated cardboard. It is very unique in caves and they believe the have 95% of all known box work. The tour from Jewel cave also differed as you passed through more of a narrow passage way. You had to keep an eye out so you didn't bump your noggin.

                    Wind Cave National Park also hold bison and a good elk herd.

 Our weather here has been a bit cool and we have had some good rains. But we think the park looks so nice now with all the green. The brown dry grass will surely happen soon enough.
Nice and green

Found the donkeys!


  1. Those donkeys are pretty darn cute :) Good load of fish there!

  2. Yum, fresh fish fillets! What a cute face...on the donkey!