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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The kids visit- Part 2

Hi again,
 Thursday we took the gang and headed to Crazy Horse. After the trip there Wayne and Kathy headed off to check Needles and Sylvan. The kids and us drove to tour Custer. Mandi was collecting the pics of all the buffalo statues for her scrap booking.

Colleen & Mandi
 We then drove back to the park and drove up to Mt. Coolidge tower. We drove the wildlife loop back and found the friendly donkeys. The park doesn't mind feeding them as long as you feed them healthy stuff. We had heard they love the baby carrots, the kids had fun feeding and petting them.
 Friday was planned as a split up day. Mandi and Pat took the truck and headed to Sturgis and Deadwood.  We took Colleens bunch and went to Reptile Gardens.(Mandi was really sad to miss seeing her favorite- Snakes). Wayne and Kathy headed to Mt Rushmore. It worked out nice and Wayne cooked the gang chicken fajitas and some great frijoles which the boys love.
 Saturday was the sad day, after breakfast Colleen and the boys headed off toward home and we took Mandi and Pat to Rapid City airport for their flight back to N.C.
 Wayne and Kathy loaded up on Sunday heading off to see some other WI. friends.
 All in all it was a great visit with family and friends and we thank them all for coming. We also got a bonus as Colleen left Lukas here to stay with us. We only have three more weeks here and will then be back in WI. Back to see more great family and friends.
  I know its such cliche but Life Is Good!
 Mandi had been kidding us all week seeing only one buffalo by our campground- and just as we knew on Sunday morning a herd came in and lounged about all day, just figures ;).
Also the bighorn sheep walked through!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time with the family! This summer sure has flown by :)

  2. Thanks again to you guys for the great trip to Custer and surrounding area. We had a blast. Ed and Marilyn are doing ok. Ed still having a hard time getting around. We stayed there until Monday, the 12th. Had a really good visit. Great to see all of you again. Hopefully, we can all get together again this winter.