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Saturday, February 8, 2014

CCC Camp

Hi all,
Our weather seems to be trending up, forecast for the next five days is in the 70s. It will be nice to put some shorts on again.
 We have been doing some planning on our trek from here. We thought we would just make reservations for when we wanted to be at the Grand Canyon and then fill in the blanks. We have booked March 31- April 5 there. Hopefully that will give it time to warm up. It will give us about four weeks after we leave here to explore more  Arizona. It will also leave about four weeks to get to Custer State Park which should allow some exploration of Utah.
 This week our drive took us just north of Safford to a old CCC camp. They warn you the gravel road isn't maintained so driver be wary! Seems Wendy always finds these great drives after I wash the truck???  It was a slow 3-1/2 miles but not to bad.

 This camp was used in 1935-1936 by 200 men from Texas and AZ. They worked with the Soil Conservation Service on the Gila Watershed Project to counter erosion problems plaguing the area. It was the second largest watershed project at the time.
 Remains of the camp are stone and cement structures minus roofs and most wood fixtures. They have some signs telling what the structures left were. The condition was surprisingly good, we think because of the remote location no vandalism was evident.

 We even seen where they dumped the garbage, with deteriorating steel cans and broken glass about.
  Also on the day we logged a geocache find there. Later we looked for a cache up a different dirt road. The road looked rough and was only to be a little over 1/2 mile so we decided to walk. This one ended up a bust with the GPS pointing to private land. Nothing like a nice walk in the desert.

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