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Friday, February 21, 2014

Salt River Canyon

Hi again,
 Well we're almost done here, so we had one more adventure to take. A scenic drive through the Salt River Canyon was the destination.
 We were happy to have co hosts Bob and Rose join us for the drive. Bob and Rose have hosted here 4+ years and host in their Illinois home state in the summer.
 This area is along highway 60 between Globe and Show Low. We have made the 70 mile drive to Globe four times now, so we should have this down.
 From Globe you drive northeast on 60 through some very hilly countryside. As we move along the elevation rises and the temps begin to cool. The scenery begins to change from cactus and mesquite to Ponderosa Pines.

 As you get to the canyon the road begins to switchback with numerous pullouts for spectacular views. The roads while in good shape could be quite challenging for big rig driving. Long 6% grades had some trucks crawling along. There were also a couple places where you could see a wrecked vehicle that went off.

   The Canyon while not the Grand Canyon is no slouch, the views are breathtaking.

 We drove through the canyon and turned around for the return back. The complete drive from Globe to Show Low is 83 miles so we didn't think we had time for the full drive.
 We returned to Globe and enjoyed a nice lunch. Beyond Globe is the small town of Miami, AZ and we drove there looking for a used bookstore. Although the store was closed we spied many cool looking antique shops that will have to wait for another day.


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