Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Wendy!!!

Hi all We had planned to make another drive up Mt. Graham on Friday but woke to cloudy skies. The upper mountain was pretty much hidden. Oh well temp was warm and a good day to get some cleaning up of the RV. I washed the sides down then seen the roof with a good coat of AZ dust so up I went cleaning that. One thing leads to another so some wax on the front and then wiping the decals down with 303. While I was busy on the outside Wendy was doing some deep cleaning inside. Just the same as a house ya got to keep maintaining one thing or another.
 Saturday Feb. 1st is Wendy's' birthday, so we picked up a cake and gathered the other camphost and rangers to celebrate. Later in the day we went out for a Mexican dinner. We have tried a few of the many Mexican restaurants and pretty much been disappointed. One I ordered fish tacos and received battered fish sticks like Mrs. Pauls? The place Saturday we ordered a margarita and all they had was canned Bud Mikearitas??? How close do we have to get to Mexico to get some real authentic? This area is also part of the Salsa Trail. The salsa has not impressed us either, usually in a squirt bottle, very runny.
Rose & Bob

 We joined Bob, Rose, and Michelle to watch the Superbowl- commercials. None of us cared who won or lost but would have liked to seen a more competitive game.


  1. Happy birthday, Wendy. Looked like a fun celebration with good cake. Enjoy your new year.

  2. Happy B-Day Wendy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy belated birthday! Nothing like good birthday cake :-)