Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Getting tired here

Hi all,
Well we are officially short timers here, only 7 days left. This will go by in a blink.
On Monday we had a gathering to celebrate Milton's 82nd birthday.  Today we had a cookout with a campfire following.

 On Sunday they are having a get together to say goodbyes to us and Glenna and Milton who leave the following week.  We also have a drive planned with Rose and Bob on Friday.
 This will definitely be a fun week. I tell Wendy they are trying to get us to stay.
 So life as a fulltimer is really no different as those in the stix n brix housing. The other day I noticed a very bad spot on a front truck tire. So no waiting til fall like we thought.  The old its always something.
 I will condense the tire story as much as I can. The place pulled tires and started to dismount then found out they did not have the right tires in stock. New tires ordered would now be $35 more each. They also broke tabs off hubcap and a stem on tire sensor. Ended up putting old tires back on and lost hubcap on way home.
 Looked up cost of new hubcap at eye popping $249.  Quickly called the manager right away letting him know what happened, he assured they would make things right.
 Well they ended up buying me a new hubcap which they said cost them $300. They also gave me the tires at originally quoted price. Now still out the $50 sensor but I guess it could have been worse.
 Side note I did end up finding the damaged cap and Wendy saw one on Ebay with broke tabs and scratched for $49- maybe I can sell mine?



  1. Glad your tire story ended well! The squeaky wheel gets the grease...literally in this case.

  2. I musta missed this post earlier! Yeah, we're starting to get that short timer's attitude here, and we still have 2 more months! I know we haven't seen everything in Florida we want to see, but I'm tired of it :-)
    George takes his sensors off before any tire work, and puts them back on later.