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Monday, February 24, 2014

On the road again

Hi all,
 Hard to believe but we are on the road again. After over 3-1/2 months were free!
 The group of volunteers and rangers got together for cake and ice cream to say goodbyes to us and Milton and Glenna who leave out on Thursday.

 We really enjoyed our stay, we met some great people, and the park was way more than we expected. How many places can offer a pretty lake with palm trees on an island and a 10,000 ft. mountain view from your camper. Oh and don't forget the natural fed hot tub- gonna miss that.

 A special thank you to everyone at Roper for having us and allowing us to paint everything in sight. (hahaha this is Ray joking and for Rose my hands are not in my pockets. )
Kris, Milton, Glenna, Ray, Pat, Rose, Rubin, Lauren, Addie, Roger
Kay, Bob and Michelle
 So now that we are on the road and have a bunch of Arizona to explore, we should have more to blog about.
 We made a short 80 mile drive southwest to Kartchner Caverns State Park. We will be here for three days and do two cave tours. I will write more on Kartchner after we do the caves, it should be fun.
Our new backyard
 Just as we were about to leave we got a call from Custer State Park  reconfirming our summer plans. Everything sounds good there with our plans. Wendy will be a paid attendant and I will be camp host. 

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  1. We love workamping, but when we get set loose, it's like being on vacation! Enjoy your travels until South Dakota. Wish we were going to be there too, maybe next summer..