Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Friday, March 7, 2014

Change of plans

 Hi again,
I'll get right to what we been up to. We changed our plans a bit so we had a extra day here to do something. Something turned out to be a drive to Patagonia Lake State Park. This park is located south of Tucson almost by the Mexican border.

 It is located at a 265 acre man made lake and features a 111 site campground. The area is also popular for birding and wildlife viewing.
  It was a pretty drive down on scenic Hwy. 83 passing through impressive rolling hills.
 We toured the park thinking if this would be a place we want to work camp. We thought the park not as clean as Roper Lake was and the location a bit more out there. Staying here I would have to go buy a boat and Wendy may not like that.
 So Thursday was moving day and the plan had been to head to Casa Grande, well plans are sometimes just made to be broken.
 Wendy's sister Patsy has neighbors in Pardeeville, WI that have a place in Tucson and they would be happy to have us stay on the land for a few days.
 Dorlen and Darlene whom we have known for years are two of the nicest people anyone could meet. They have a beautiful house on five acres with saguaros and other cacti about. The setting is quite rustic and the road in a little rough. Now getting the RV in was a bit of a trick requiring the removal of a fencepost but we got her in. Getting her out may be another story???.
 Their place is located just past the east side of Saguaro National Park, so while they went on a golf outing Friday we took a 3-1/2 mile walk through the park. We then got a soak in their hot tub (yeah we got it rough) and joined them for dinner with friends later.

They have some plans to take us touring tomorrow which will be nice.


  1. Nice place to park! Watch out for those needles when you pull out :)

  2. These photos of the Patagonia Lake State Park are beautiful. The lake has beautiful, clear water. The cactuses are huge. This post made me want to go there on my next outdoor trip!

  3. I think I'm gonna cry! lol........We passed this up on our race to ? If you have read yesterday's blog, you would understand.