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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

On to Sedona

Hi all,
 The past weekend was a bit slow, as we just hung around the campground and got ready for our move.
 Annually they hold a wood carving gathering in the park and quite a few rigs were pulling in for it. I even signed up for a beginners class though I can only participate for one day.
 The old never to old to learn and sometimes needing something to keep me (from bugging) busy while Wendy does her cross-stitch and basket weaving. I have been reading and also do Sudoku but wanted something a little more active.
  Moving day was Monday, so off to Dead Horse Ranch State Park we went. It is located at Cottonwood AZ which is just a short drive from Sedona. We will spend four days touring the red rock area.
 The Dead Horse name was the name of a former ranch here. When the land was donated it was specified the name remain with the park.
 It is a pretty big park with 116 regular sites plus a group/equestrian area and 8 cabins. It has 3 stocked lagoons and some good hiking trails. It is also very busy with spring break, we could only get in the 4 weekdays but it should work out.
 Turns out one of the camp host here had hosted at Roper Lake for quite a few years. We had met them briefly when the visited Roper in January. We stopped and had a nice visit with them. Also another host next to them had worked up at Custer and knew many of the people we knew there. Sometimes you just can't believe how small our world is.
  I think I will let Wendy's pictures tell the story of Sedona and the red rocks. Please remember to click and enlarge, they look so much better.)
Chapel of the Holy Cross

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  1. I think that Sedona is one of the nicest parts of Arizona. We've noticed too how many of our RV friends intersect each other, and we don't realize it.