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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Plans- Who Needs Em

 Hey again,
 Well we have done our famous change of plans again. We have extended here in Gila Bend for the third time. This time for two days. We had decided to not do Yuma so we just hung around here a few more days.
 The weather is hot, we have been putting on the sandals and sleeveless shirts and loving it. We will enjoy it while we can we will be heading north soon.
 We had a great change of plans the other day. Not much for stores here we were driving north to hit a Walmart in Buckeye about 35 miles. Turns out we were on a good timing schedule to drive another 20 miles and go to a Brewer spring training game.

 When we came to this area we thought we would do this but then pushed it out as we were not getting our schedule to jive with theirs.
 Getting in wasn't to bad and there was a good supply of tickets available. I was a little worried as they were playing the Arizona Diamondbacks. We chose to buy the grass seating($8.) which was cool. We forgot the blanket but the grass was pretty lush, we were comfortable for the most of 5 innings. We then waltzed around the park enjoying the views.
 It was a fun day and Brew Crew won 9-8. I can now cross it off my bucket list. ( Wendy was really a good sport for letting me do this, she is just not that big a fan.) I owe her one.
 The other day we had started to drive to see some petroglyphs about 22 miles away. At the exit 12 miles away we started to get a smell of burnt rubber-  not good. We pulled over on the exit ramp and looked for the trouble, I carry a temp gun and shot the brakes, axles and anything I could point to. I checked the tires, looked under the hood but just couldn't find anything. Bewildered and scared to go down some dirt road we slowly took a frontage road back. We never smelled anything after that and started to wonder if it was some other passing vehicle.
 Well we did go back to see the petroglyphs today. Painted Rock Petroglyphs is in a small outcropping of rocks that you can walk around with no climbing. It is listed on the national register of historic places. There are more than 800 drawings on basalt rock.

 There is also a primitive campground there.
 We also spied quite a few lizards amongst the rocks, didn't see the resident Gila monster but did see Chuck Walla a pretty decent size lizard with black heads and legs, red bodies, and yellow tails. Wendy was all mad as she forgot the zoom lens.
 So our plans are now-- oh just forget it, who needs plans;)

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