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Friday, March 28, 2014

Tuzigoot to you?

Hi all,
Wednesday we decided to take a drive to tour a few areas. The  weather was to be windy and cool.
 We headed out for Tuzigoot National Monument. Tuzigoot ( Apache for crooked river) is a remains of a village built between 1000 and 1400. It was a total of 87 rooms with some two stories. Also of note were the very thick stone and mortar/mud walls with few doors, entry attained by ladder through the roof.
Next we moved up in time a little to the town of Jerome.
 Jerome was a mining boom town built on the side of a mountain. Jerome State Historic Park is located in a previous mansion built in 1916 by James Stuart Douglas. It featured a wine cellar, steam heat and central vac system well ahead of its time. There were also many mining displays and they show a very cool video of Jerome through the years.
 Jerome once a booming mining town of up to 2000 and then down to 200 in the 1950's. Is now home to 500, centered mostly around tourism. Through the years Jerome has dealt with buildings sliding down the mountain and catastrophic fires.  
 They now have a nice amount of eclectic stores staged in historic buildings. We browsed through many and had a good lunch at a bbq place.
 Thursday we planned to see more of the red rock and get in a little hiking. Picking out only a hike or two is a challenge here, there are just so many. We decided on a couple moderate hikes of about 2-1/2 mi. each.
 The Doe Mountain Trail took us to a mountain plateau that offered great 360 degree views. It was a bit of uphill gaining over 400 feet in elevation but well worth the effort.
The second hike was the Fay Canyon trail. This was a bit easier hiking through a canyon wash. Along both sides were great red monuments that after a while start to give you a sore neck.) The trail strangely just dead ends at a couple boulders. We saw a young family further up on a edge wall and thought we would crawl up for a better look. Wow were we glad as not only about 50 feet up and you had a great view back.
We moved Friday to Williams about 60 miles south of the Grand Canyon. We are at the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park. Part of a hotel property it is a pretty fancy blacktop parking with full hook ups and cable. We also get use of the hotel pool and hot tub.)


  1. Nice post, We love that area. We will have to check out the ruins.

  2. We have a former hippie friend...former hippie....still a friend that lived in Jerome in the 60 -'s 80's. Your photos look like what she had described....many times. What I don't understand is how can a person from Arizona ever move to Indiana.....

  3. Just loving the pictures of the red rocks. That whole area of AZ is the best!