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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Parker Canyon Lake Hike

Hi again,
Holy Cow! three posts in a week. We are really on the go now.)
 We moved a big 12 miles to SKP Saguaro Co-Op park. Located in Benson AZ, it is an Escapee club park. The park has 300 sites and a large community center. Most of the sites are privately owned but there are also some 6 and 12 month leased lots. As it works if you are not using your site you can offer it available for rental. The money is put together and split equally between owners.
 This is our fifth Escapee park we have used. They usually have a good weekly rate and this one was offering a first time user rate of $50. + electric for the first week. We pay $ 60 per year as members and also receive discounts at some other RV parks.
 Most of the sites have neat little casitas that owners use as storage and guest houses.
 The people are pretty friendly here, we had a lady come by as a welcome committee and tell us of all the things going on. They also have a channel on the free cable that has a rolling info board.
 We saw they had a hike planned for Friday and thought why not. We joined about 10 others and made a 50 mile drive to Parker Canyon Lake. It was a pretty drive taking us on some roads we probably would not have done.
The hike was a 4-1/2 mile loop around the 130 acre man made lake. It was a moderate hike shortened a bit by low water. The weather was good for a hike, a sunny 67 and a bit breezy. We stopped about half way and enjoyed lunch. Along the way getting nice chats in with new acquaintances.
 After the hike a couple guys that were driving jeeps asked if we wanted to venture home a different route. After reaffirming with them that my big hipped dually could do it off we went.
 The drive took us into Coronado National Forest on a dirt road up through Montezuma Pass. It offered a great overlook and view of the Mexican border.
Mexican border
 It was quite a drive and  I needed to really watch the road while driving, many switchbacks and close edges. I seemed to draw a little attention from passing vehicles with my big old truck sandwiched in a couple jeeps.
 At the pass we entered Coronado National Memorial that commemorates Francisco Vasquez de Coronado's expedition in the 1500's. We stopped at a visitor center and Wendy was able to collect another stamp in her National Park Passport book.
 They invited us to join them for a early dinner in Sierra Vista on he way home. They picked The German Cafe, a little hole in the wall restaurant. Offering a very authentic German cuisine and beer. I had the Jaegerschniztle with some tasty German potato salad, Wendy tried the (#9) onion rahm schnitzle with potato pancakes. Prices were quite reasonable and the food was very good.

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  1. We stayed at an SKP park near Yosemite, but haven't been to one since. We noticed the info on the one TV channel too, thought it was a great idea. I haven't renewed our membership this year, still not sure about it. I suppose I need to get on it!