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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Grand Canyon Finale

Hi all,
 We left the Grand Canyon today and drove about 120 miles to Page, AZ. We will post more about that later but wanted to get in one more post on Grand Canyon.
  We spent 4 full days touring the park and short of going down into the canyon we think we seen most all of the south rim. You could do it with less time with the use of the buses.
 The bus system there is wonderful, it has stops at most of the south rim points of interest including the visitor center, souvenir stores and the Hopi Museum. They stop every 15 minutes through out the day. It also enabled us to walk most of the rim without having to backtrack the route which was great.
 There was one area that the buses didn't cover about 25 miles on the east end. It features a watch tower designed by Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter. She also designed other architecture in the park including Phantom Ranch at the river.
 Our last night we took a short drive to see some wildlife. There are many Elk in the area and they are not camera shy. Mule deer and squirrels are also abundant.
 Overall it was a great visit, the weather could have been a little warmer but it was still manageable with the right gear.

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