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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Page AZ

Hi all,
 Well, seems we are back on vacation mode and my twice a week posts can't keep up. We left Page for Monument Valley today but never wrote about Page. So you will have to tune in later for Monument Valley and you will want to do that-(teaser).
 Page is a pretty cool place and has the claim to being the newest city in the lower 48 states. It started as a worker camp for those building Glen Valley Dam on the Colorado River. The dam is slightly smaller than Hoover Dam and created Lake Powell. It took seven years for the dam to be built and 17 years for Lake Powell to fill in. The town almost hit ghost town status after the dam completion. It sprang to life again in the early 70's with the Navajo Generating Station. It finally was incorporated in 1975.
  Most activity now in Page centers around tourism with Lake Powell activities. We saw large boat yards with humongous pontoon boats all waiting for the season to begin.

 We toured the dam visitor center and drove north along the lake. Below the dam is the famous Horseshoe Bend, quite the site to see. It required a 3/4 mile walk to view and once there you found no railings to hide behind. You view the 270 degree bend from 1000 feet above.
  Seemed we weren't there very long and Wendy wanted to leave. When I questioned her why she pointed out a large family with numerous little kids not being watched. We saw the same things with some at the Grand Canyon, it's just crazy.
 The next big thing was Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon carved in sandstone. This is on Navajo land and we scheduled a 1:00 tour with them. You get a 15 minute  truck ride down a long sandy wash to the canyon then a tour guide leads you through the canyon pointing out various features. The guide was also very helpful in getting every ones cameras set to the best settings.


  1. More beauty from the area! Nice tour of slot canyon too. I always thought it would be cool to rent a houseboat and stay a week on the lake.

  2. Really enjoy following your blog. Great photos too! Keep up the good work.

  3. the pictures from Antelope Canyon always amaze me!