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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Grand Canyon part II

Hi all,
Got bad news yesterday- the company (Millinicom) that we get our internet service through is raising rates as of May 1. We were paying $59.90 for  3G service and it is going up to $89.90 for 4 G. Many RVers have been using this service and reading in the forums seems like not much we can do. When you weigh other options it still may be the better choice. They claim the cost to them has gone up making it necessary to raise it. (
 When we made our plans to do the Grand Canyon we looked at weather forecast and tried to delay it as much as possible for warmer weather. Well we didn't hit it to good. Our temps have been in the 50s dropping to 28 at night.
 Yesterday we took a drive to the east side of the park, as we drove we noticed a very cloudy looking sky back to the west. We then started to see light snow around us. On the return trip we got into some real good snowfall. The roads were mostly just wet but it was starting to accumulate pretty good elsewhere.
 But you all know you can't change the weather, Mother Nature always does her thing.
 Well we dug out our winter coats ( for the first time in 2 years) put on our gloves and warm hats and will make the best of it. Actually Wendy says it may give her some better pics with the pretty white stuff about.

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  1. The Grand Canyon always looks lovely with a little bit of 'white stuff' around. Fantastic shots, it takes your breath away :-)