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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Monument Valley

Hi all,
Now for the exciting news you have been waiting for. We finally left Arizona after over 5 months. Arizona was great and we left some stones unturned for a return trip.
 So now onto Utah and our first stop Monument Valley.
 We camped at Goulding's Camp Park. This is part of a hotel complex that was started in the 1920's by Harry and Leone Goulding. In the 30's during the depression they heard a movie production company was searching for a southwest location. Harry set off for Hollywood with his last $60 and by luck met director John Ford. After showing him pictures of Monument Valley Ford was convinced and soon after Stagecoach with John Wayne was filmed there.
 Over the years it has become a famous backdrop for more than 50 movies. Of recent note scenes from Forest Gump, Back to the Future III, and the new Lone Ranger movie.
 The hotel now features a museum, a small theater and a cabin used by John Wayne during production. An added surprise just off the backside of the campground was a short trail that led to a hidden arch.
 And now to the Monuments, we got up early to catch a sunrise and got a couple nice shots. Later we opted to do the 17 mile self drive through. They offer tours that go further but they were in open trucks dusty and cold we thought. As it was we thought we saw all the main monuments and got to do some off roading to.)


  1. Monument Valley is another of my favorites :-) Have to bookmark that park too!

  2. Great post. Monument Valley is still on our bucket list.

  3. That place is awesome! That is now pinned into my Utah pinterest board. .